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Portland Pozzolana Cement (Hathi PPC) Bulker

160000 Rs 160,000.00 *
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Area (Rs/MT) Retail* Trader* Institutional*
Saurashtra NA NA 6400
(Central/North)Gujarat NA NA 6500
South Gujarat(Baroda) NA NA 6540
South Gujarat(Surat) NA NA 6600
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 1 Bulker = 25 metric tons
Order size is equal to 25 metric ton or multiples

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Portland Pozzolana Cement (Hathi PPC) Bulker

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Brand Saurashtra Cement Limited
  •        Low Heat of Hydration:
                      Reduced heat release, helps in managing expansion- contraction cycle, giving 'crack resistant' property.
                      The use PPC also reduces water demand in the construction activity.

            •       Durability (Long term strength gain):
                     Active Silica- forms C-S-H gel with lime. This gel leads to continuous strength gain ensuring longevity
                     to construction. The presence of active silica  (pozzolana) also prevents leaching of lime by converting
                     this to C-S-H gel.

            •        Durability (Dense Construction):
                      Active Pozzolana leads to dense concrete (particle packing effect) ensuring durability and giving
                      added strength to the structure.

            •        Corrosion Resistance:
                      Prevents Alkali / Chloride ingress, thus protecting steel reinforcement against corrosion.

            •        Uniform fineness:
                      With low water-cement ratio (enabling less water consumption and high strength), HATHI PPC gives
                      better workability with superior finish.

            HATHI PPC with reactive silica and unique cement chemistry protects construction against adverse weather
            and soil conditions. It is an eco-friendly product consuming fly ash generated \ which otherwise would have
            hampered the environment.

            Thus HATHI PPC is unique, durable, environnent friendly  Cement.
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