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Portland Pozzolana Cement (Sidhee PPC) Bulker

160000 Rs 160,000.00 *
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Area (Rs/MT) Retail* Trader* Institutional*
Saurashtra NA NA 6400
(Central/North)Gujarat NA NA 6500
South Gujarat(Baroda) NA NA 6540
South Gujarat(Surat) NA NA 6600
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 1 Bulker = 25 metric tons
Order size is equal to 25 metric ton or multiples

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Portland Pozzolana Cement (Sidhee PPC) Bulker

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Brand Gujarat Sidhee Cement Limited
    •        SIDHEE PPC is produced from one of the finest limestone resources in the country, supported by advance
               process controls. What makes SIDHEE PPC cement chemistry very effective?   

    •         Dense Concreting and corrosion resitance: Active pozzolana leads to dense concrete and prevents
               Alkali / Chloride penetration protecting steel reinforcement against corrosion.

    •        Superior Strenth and durability: Pozzolana combines with Ca(OH)2 forming strength giving CSH gel
              which adds to the strength and ensures logevity to the construction.

    •        Prevents leaching: Active Silica forms complex gel compound (CSH gel). This enables continuous
              strength gain ensuring longevity to construction.   

    •        Uniform fineness- With low water-cement ratio (enabling less water consumption and high strength),
              SIDHEE PPC gives better workability resulting in superior finish.       
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